The Sun Is Come Up From the South By Oak and Ash And Thorn

Astrologer Halifax Mj Patterson explains the Summer Solstice Horoscope For Halifax Nova Scotia Local Astrology The Summer Solstice happens the same everywhere in the world. Even in Australia and New Zealand, it's the solstice at precisely the same moment.  For them, of course, it is the winter Solstice because at that point in the the year, we up here in the north are hogging all the sunlight.  Yup the Solstice is that moment in the year when the sun climbs to the northernmost point of its travel, appears to pause for a moment, then begins its descent back down south.

So what can we expect for the next six months based upon the Solstice chart? Well the first thing I noticed is that the Moon is Void of Course. A Void-of-Course transit of the moon is a period of time between the last aspect of the Moon while transiting in one sign and the point that the Moon enters the next sign (ingress). The Moon in this chart is at 29 degrees of Leo and 49 minutes. It has just finished squaring (90 degree aspect) Saturn at 29 degrees 35 minutes of Scorpio and is not going to make any more aspects until it arrives in the Sign of Virgo.  This aspect of Astrology is most typically used in Horary Astrology, which is a branch of Astrology wherein a person asks a question, the Astrologer notes down the exact date time and location s/he first hears and understands the question and uses the chart of that moment to answer the question. In such a case, a void of course moon answers with "Nothing is going to happen".  

So how will the void of course moon play out in this Solstice chart?  I think you will see lots of apparent movement in the next  six months, sabres rattling, the EU making rude noises, our own government going through the motions of change.... but until the winter solstice, I will expect nothing of lasting value to occur. Basically, we will have to wait until December for the other slipper to drop.

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