The Difficult Art of Election Prediction

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Allow me to begin by clarifying that I am not a Mundane (Political) Astrologer by trade. I do birth charts, find uncertain birth times and clarify trends in career, personal affairs and such. The only other time I had a go at election prediction was when prompted by a then junior reporter at the Halifax Chronicle Herald and I had a great deal of support from my lifetime teacher and mentor M. Axel Harvey arguably the greatest (and certainly the most unsung) astrologer of his generation. That time we nailed it! It was the Hamm majority way back in the 1990s. All the polls were wrong and we were right! 

This time I am having a go on my own. It is tricky, two of the three candidates have no birth time and in the case of Mr. Harper we have 2 birthdates! The chart of Canada I am taking as 1 July 1867 but there are several other charts that might serve better... the persuit of which could be the subject of an entirely different article. 

Then there is the election chart. The first attempt I made at prediction, I put the election chart at the time the polls open on the 19th of October in Newfoundland, but I set the chart for Ottawa (capital of the country), so 8:30 am in Newfoundland would be 7am in Ottawa. I did a set of predictions during my radio show last week and it arrived at Harper winning but without much “oomph” - so I would say a minority win for Harper.

This upset me quite a bit. I know my opinion is not at play here and I am to interpret and report without bias, but the thought of another round of Harper was more than I could bear! So it goaded me to look at my methodology to find where I may have made errors.

Yesterday I rang up my local elections Canada office and asked a question I had not thought to ask before: “When was the first opportunity to vote in this election?” meaning when was the earliest I could have come into the Elections Canada office and cast my vote in this election? She had to go and research and ring me back – but the answer was “ when we opened on the 2nd of August”. Since that is a Sunday that means noon - and since all Elections Canada Offices open at noon on Sundays, that means noon Newfoundland time – so 10:30 am in Ottawa.

Above is the revised Election Chart., with the three front runners' progressed (present circumstances) charts around it. Please note that Mulcair's chart and Harper's chart are rectified and therefore the AC and MC are untested and that Harper's chart is his earlier birthrate of 20 April as the 30 April “official” chart simply does not in any way describe his personality in my opinion. 

Based on these new data I give Trudeau a slight edge with Mulcair an extremely tight second and Harper neutral to slightly negative. I cannot say in fairness that the Harper chart indicates a loss, it looks more like 'hanging on by fingernails' so I guess it indicates either Liberal minority or Tory minority which the Liberals and NDP could easily fox by forming a coalition... so not a whole lot of news here then folks...  If  you MADE me choose, based on this evidence I would go with Trudeau with a minority., but it's 80:20.   What do YOU see in the charts?

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