Horoscopes November 2019

by guest author:  Erin Pushie of Eighth House Healing


Take a few minutes to evaluate your debt profile this month, have you looked at where there could be unexpected losses or investment possibilities? Saturn is showing us that it’s worth the time to do things the hard way right now and be throughout. If there is restructuring you will be glad for the attention you have payed, even if you don’t like it at the time. 

An intimate night in with your partner could lead to some deep conversations and bring you closer or heal any discord in the relationship. Then in the following days as Venus comes out of Scorpio and into Sag you can expect that intensity to lighten. You may be more drawn to philosophy and refinement of artistic pursuits.


You are likely to be focused on partnerships and friends right now Taurus. There might just be some very unexpected people show up for you. Be careful not to over identify with other people or compromise your own needs for the sake of a relationship. As Venus enters your 8th house, romantic encounters involving all the senses are a real turn on. Maybe some fantasy or roll play with you and a partner? Just don’t get lost in romantic idealism. Keep I mind that not everyone can or wants to accomplish tasks with the same fire as you.
You have the Full Moon on the 12th in your sign this Month Taurus, auspicious time to close out anything that you have been working on or finally releasing that which no longer serves.


What a great Month to help others and be of service to someone who might need a boost. This may very well be the cherry on top of what feels like a good time for you physically. You are in a productive space and cooperative frame of mind. Why not get out and take the dog out for a walk, or even better, walk someone else’s or dogs at a local shelter? You have a real passion for the physical at this time and a drive to succeed.  Partnerships are lucky and attractive for you this month, though be mindful not to spark battles when they aren’t needed. Your words have power Gemini, use them constructively to build up and transform, not pressure to collapse.


November is asking you to get out and enjoy life this Month Cancer. People are naturally drawn to you at this time and want to spend time in your shining company. Flirt and flash that great independence. Maybe take in a play or take part in a fun and expressive event! Maybe a women’s charity event for a cause close to your heart as  Venus enters 6th house.
Moon is in Cancer the third week of the Month, and with Mars in the fourth you have a real chance to restructure your home life situation and feel fulfilment in the efforts.


This month might have some shake ups for you Leo as the sun is opposite Uranus. Gather your Pride and those that came up with you. It’s a great opportunity to have a family meal together, catch up and reminisce. Some quick and easy decorating tricks will set just the right tone. You have some real determination in your back pocket, even be able to persuade the most fickle of the Clan. Enjoy time with the people who have made you who you are. Can you believe all that has happened in the lives of the people we love this last year?  PS watch your speed while driving this Month, the neighbourhood isn’t a racetrack lol.


November looks good for your daily commute and getting on with your neighbours Virgo. With an added bit of sensitivity and appreciation to your surroundings a love for your community is at a high during this time, get out and share some of that beautiful energy with those in the area. There is an opportunity for you to bump up your earning power this month. A community bake sale or some other delightfully creative endeavour perhaps? No need to be overly critical, your efforts are always on point. You may find yourself feeling a bit nostalgic, break out the old family albums or think about making a beautiful family tree to display, I bet you can think of the perfect spot.


Sun is in your second house right now. Shining some light on your values and self worth, just remember you are not what you own. Are there opportunities for you to increase financial earnings or manifest money? While normally a little more even keeled, Mars is bumping up your personal power, watch out for self assertive to turn to domineering.  If you have siblings this month gives a chance to enjoy each others company, taking a short road trip or even something as simple as errands together could be a lot more fun.


Happy Birthday Scorpio!  This month is strong for you to identify who you really are and refine your appearance in the World. Might not be a bad time to splurge a little and get that new outfit or hairstyle you have been thinking of.  Your intuition and imagination are powered up right now allowing for some out of the box thinking. Get in touch with your Star Player and figure out what makes you tick.   Journaling or some sort of creative and artistic outlet are sure to feed some luxe days of self care. If it’s something that appeals to you give a think if sharing these creative projects could bring in some material benefit. Be the end of the Month Mars will be coming into your sign.


As the year gets closer to its end, you may be drawn to meditative practices and alone time to regroup and take stalk of where you are on your journey. Keep a view on your associations with people for a chance to be of real assistance. Conversely there could be someone in place with a spot of luck who is able to do a favour for you.  As Venus enters your first house, other people won’t be able to resist your charm and grace. Why not do something for yourself, maybe an evening of luxe and beauty, whatever that is for you.  The last week of the Month as a New Moon in your sign Sagittarius. What are you bringing into this cycle?


Capricorn we start the month out with the Moon in your sign, things should be feeling good for you this week. With Mars in your 10th house, with a cooperative sextile from Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius you could be getting a lot done at work or feeling capable of taking it all on. Or maybe look for opportunities for you to reach out to another department for a friendly community service challenge or social outing. Who knows there might be someone(s) of special interest a secretive relationship for just the two of you could be at hand. The rest of the Month sees you ticking right along.  


You might have itchy feet and long for some travel, take care to plan any adventures you go on. Feels like you might get a bit of recognition at work this Month, maybe time to talk about a raise or promotion. By the end of the Month Mars ingresses your 10th, you have the conviction to go after what you want and deserve. Are there ways to better position yourself to achieve career goals? As Venus transits your 11th house look to your friends to help you identify these aspirations and opportunities within your associations and collectives.


Who are those you look up to or go to for advice? Are you applying their teachings and wisdom to your life Pisces? Can you, or do you want to do more? This is a fantastic time for you to broaden your horizons and travel. If you can’t exactly pick up and physically go maybe delving into and learning is an option.  Mars is supporting you at this time to research or take up exploring other things of the World that has always interested you. You could even figure an unorthodox way of communicating what you have learned. Second week of the Month the Moon finds itself in your sign getting us all more Intune with our emotions and sensitivity. With a nice trine from the Sun your emotions and sense of self are harmonious. Social time with some work collogues might bring on a bit of good fortune.


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