It is a real honour to be invited to CBC’s Maritime Noon.  We are so lucky as Canadians to have a national radio service.  Because I do community radio,  I know all too well how quickly an hour can slip by, so I have put together a few notes, links and general  thoughts which I hope will be of some use.

Why do you believe in Astrology?

Actually I do NOT believe in Astrology. Any more than I believe in electricity. While it is true we don’t actually understand why electricity works, licenced electricians use it every day to make our lives safer and better.  Professionally certified astrologers also use a clear set of rules in a disciplined way to make statistical / probability estimates for their clients.  Exacty  like the weather guy. Only….. astrologers write the weather for the Farmers’ Almanac. A year ahead. Because Meteorologists lack the toolset to do so accurately. So…. remind me again why Astrology is “not a science”? (It IS) Just for sport, here is a link to a doctoral thesis written by an astrologer Bruce Scofield which he successfully defended for a Doctorate in Geophysics  – on weather prediction using Astrology – in 2010.

Why are Millenials so interested in Astrology?

Well let’s first define Millenial and Astrology. With a few years on either side, most sources agree that Millenials were born roughly between 1981 and 1997.  This means they have been cultural influencers since roughly 1991 – as they came into their 20s.  They came of age during a deep recession and have never had access to the “jobs for life” that their parents enjoyed.  It stands to reason that they might as a group be less certain of better times ahead and that could be a factor in the level of interest. But that is just a supposition.

Astrology has quite a broad definition — everything from Sun Signs in glossy magazines and the Co Star App to accurate and reliable weather prediction and impressive p values!  So… which Astrology are Millenials drawn to  – if they are at all?

So, I asked a couple of Millenials to try to understand more deeply.  And was delighted by the response!  Basically, it is not the Sun Sign Astrology that hooks them, — well as least the few people I surveyed  — but rather the more individualized, personal interpretations, based on EXACT (to 4 minutes!) time of birth, place of birth and date of birth.

As with all statistical studies, poor data as an input means rubbish as an output. The folks with whom I spoke said they liked Astrology more than divination (such as tarot or runes) because it was, in their opinion, “reliable and repeatable”!  Well knock me down with a feather! it is not an answer I had expected to hear – and it gives me real hope for the future of the Science!  I don’t fit into the Millenial box, but I can tell you why I get my chart done:  I value the context  and the long view it gives me. Astrology can look backwards and forwards months, years, decades, and thus situate the present crossroads or dilemma into the larger fabric of the life, allowing difficult passages to be navigated with more grace.

What can Astrology do for me?

Just like a weather report, or a stock market analysis, Astrology is not a religious belief set, nor is it a sure bet.  It is a longitudinal, correlational study.  In other words, we look at how the skies are today and find matches from the past, look at what was going on in the past, then make educated guesses about what to expect now.

Using variations on this straightforward technique, your Astrologer will offer you personality insights, estimates on the best times for types of activities and key focal points for the coming year.  But the best Astrologer will at some point be wrong. Because statistics. Just like the weather guy. 

So, in a nutshell, it is like having a map for your journey in life. You have clearer sight of the possible roads ahead, the likely “weather” conditions along the way. But you get to decide which roads you take or don’t take. As I often say to clients, ” I read the map, You drive the car”.

What kinds of things do clients ask for?

  • a good wedding date and time
  • the best time to take a holiday
  • where or when to move
  • insight into relationship snags
  • help finding lost items

and my personal fave . . .

  • how to find personal happiness and joy in life

What is Happening Locally?

There is a lot going on in the local area.  Nationally, we now have The Canadian Astrology Network a free resource for events and professional across the country in both of our languages.

There is so much Astrology online. Which of it is Reliable?

Yes one difficult side-effect of the up-swell in interest in the starry science is that everyone is keen to be the next “expert” on the subject.  While this is not an exhaustive list, I can suggest a few groups and sites that will steer you in a reliable direction.

Free Software

Mastro – Montréal-based Exquisite Astrology Software – free working copy. Upgrade a sensible $160 CAD

PlanetDance Astrology Software – completely free Dutch and English software

Sites – a great site where you can cast your chart for free and learn may styles of Astrology free of charge – Deborah Houlding’s wonderful site on Traditional (Classical) Astrology.

The Urania Trust – a charity site holding collections of astrological texts.


ISAR – The International Society for Astrological Research  – supporting excellence in Astrology

NCGR– The National Council of Geocosmic Reseach – focued on education for Astrology Professionals

Federation of Australian Astrologers – promoting excellence in Astrology

The Urania Trust – a charity site holding collections of astrological texts.


Federation of Australian Astrologers – a great site where you can cast your chart for free and learn may styles of Astrology free of charge

The School of Traditional Astrology – Deborah Houlding’s wonderful site on Traditional (Classical) Astrology

The Faculty of Astrological Studies – A British certification with a top reputation.

The Huber School – A Swiss German discipline with an excellent reputation

The Halifax Astrology School – for international standards and credentials ( NCGR / ISAR) at Canadian prices, there is an online school right here at home.

Thank you for popping by. I hope you will find some things of interest here.


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