Send a quick note here if you would like to join this course – or if you would like to be kept informed about the level II classes coming up this fall.  Equivalent offerings in the US are $600 ÙSD (over $775 CAD)

Click on the picture above to try the first online class for free (password is melrose).  $450 CAD for 12 weeks ($25 per class hour) or 2 payments of $225. Equivalent courses in the USA are $600 USD!


Interested In Professional Qualifications?

The classes running now through August are designed to prepare you for professional certification as an astrologer.
Level I NCGR qualifies you to read the birth or natal chart to a professional standard. The Level II NCGR  qualifies you to read the year ahead and notice trands and opportunities. These are internationally recognised qualifications. 

THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO TAKE THE EXAM – the classes are to a professional standard, but the exam (or not) is up to you.