Jupiter stations retrograde on 14 May (until 12 Sep) at 27 Cap 14 His “frenemy” Saturn stationed retrograde on 11 May (until 29 Sep) at 01 Aquarius 57, only 5 degrees away. The two are kind of like two sides of a coin, one getting carried away, the other putting the brakes on everything.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are called “generational” planets, because their cycles of 29 and 12 years describe our formative years. As much as the backward motion of Saturn forces us to get real about our duties and obligations, Jupiter retrograde puts the magnifying glass on our most deeply-held beliefs – and prejudices!

The degrees in play are 27 Capricorn back to 17 Capricorn. Although Jupiter is a generational planet, folks with planets from 17 to 27 degrees of Cardinal Signs can benefit from opportunities and benefits. Cancers will have it as an opposition, so give and take is the way to win and Aries and Libra are in square, so hard work is in order to reap the reward.

The kinds of impact and changes we will see will be primarily to do with the groups to which we belong – the expectations of our peer groups, changes in societal demands. Jupiter can force a focus in on cultural and social expectations overriding individual needs and desires. Another impact seen in the past is instability in the banking and stock market, with the worst bump typically being at the moment Jupiter stations direct.

To make the best of Jupiter / Saturn retrograde season, the kind of love we are looking for here is self love. Be a little bit selfish. Set some aspirational goals for yourself – not the “expected” things that fit the “rut” you might be in at the minute. This is the moment to think outside the box and get playful with planning things that would be slightly out of character – things you have secretly always wanted to try.

Saturn will help with the structure and Jupiter, fresh from a dalliance with Pluto, has the perfect energy for ending what no longer serves you and for encouraging brave, joyful, new self-made opportunities.

image by Ismael Jr. Thuco


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