Retrograde season is upon us and that can often means the return of old lovers. What will that look like in the time of Social Isolation?

Let’s start with Venus.

As Venus travels around the Sun inside the Earth’s orbit, she moves from the evening to the morning sky and back again, spending about 9 and a half  months as an “Evening Star” and about the same length of time as a “Morning Star.” she was at Her greatest brightness on 28 April as the Evening star (meaning She is in the sky after the Sun has set) and is now dimming again as she approaches a conjunction with the Sun.

Now, there at two kinds of conjunction with Venus, one where she is behind the Sun (Superior) and one where she is in front of the Sun. (Inferior).  Why do we care? Because she is a lot closer to us on the Inferior conjunction, so her influence is felt much more strongly. This year the Inferior Conjunction takes place on 03 June. Venus will finally transition from an evening to Morning Star as she passes between the Earth and the Sun on this day.  Venus as Morning Star, becomes visible mid-June when she finally gets a bit of distance from the Sun. She remains a Morning Star for the rest of 2020.

On top of the intensity of her approaching transformation through darkness, Venus is also Out of Bounds, or “beyond the King’s sight” as it is sometimes called. Her present declination is N27°36′, far beyond the 23.5° boundary scribed by the Sun. When planets hang out in this never-never land, we can expect them to get up to shenanigans. Whereas Her Majesty is in Gemini, we can expect at least some of that outrageousness to be verbal or written. In short, this is not the month to drink and text!

Here comes the cherry on the sundae: Venus retrogrades from 21 Gemini back to 5 Gemini starting 13 May and ending 25 June. Anyone with personal planets from 5 through 21 of a Mutable sign has a better than average chance of running into an old flame, or having to sort though old baggage they thought was long consigned to the rubbish heap.

So what tools to we have to navigate through with this less-than-docile Venus?

Well she is in an applying trine to Mars in Aquarius, so not only is he level-headed , but Aquarius represents technology.  It does help to have all those video apps, as a text or a phone call really does not count as full communication You really need to look a person i the eye.

As she turns and heads backwards, she is going to revisit a square to Neptune, so the useful takeaway there is have fun, enjoy the dream bubble, but don’t take anything to the bank commitment wise until after 25 June.

Balancing one’s own  needs against duty and obligation is going to be lt very difficult well, as the planets are all on the East side of the World Axis ( 0 Cancer and 0 Capricorn) . This will promote restlessness and independent thought all over.

At her best, Venus in Gemini is about speaking clearly about the things that matter most – and this is the time to have a go at having those uncomfortable conversations as gently as possible, with the goal of closing the loop and healing old wounds.  Mercury is in support, as he and Her Ladyship are in mutual reception.

How will we navigate these important intimacies in this time of Social Isolation? Why not use that ol’ Neptune to his full advantage: write a poem, or a letter, or a song, then use the Internet to share it.

Stay Safe!!


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