The October Full Moon is particularly powerful, because of its strong connection to the upcoming Pluto-Saturn Conjunction. In Halifax, the Ascendant is in the mix as well. Can you see the large blue triangle with a small blue triangle at the top? That is a kite – an energy pattern which Lynn Koiner ( has brilliantly researched as having to do with disasters and disruptions. In our neck of the woods, it falls into the tenth and fourth houses which, by mundane analysis, indicates a clash between the common people and those in charge. Change could well be in the air, as we are just a couple of weeks away from a national election.

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The Grand Trine in a Kite offers promise, but the opposition at the topmost point can often block that goodness from manifesting. Mercury in Scorpio in the Eighth House (afflicted) can indicate an increase in transportation mishaps, or the suppression of information. Neptune in Pisces in the Twelfth House is socialistic political movements collective values, and utopian ideals. The twelfth house is prisons, hospitals, and a desire to uplift the disadvantaged. The opposition is the South Node in the Tenth House of parliament and the North Node in the Fourth house of the will of the people.

The lunation itself is in EXACT square to Pluto – and indeed to the point of the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction. The Moon, in Aries in the First House represents the will of the masses, and in Aries is the community or nation as a whole. An Aries Moon does not have a lot of patience – people are fed up and not prepared to be pushed around anymore! Pluto in the Tenth House indicates the power of the masses impacting on the (tenth house) national parliament – but if the power is not channeled well, it could show up as “explosive” difficulties affecting the entire population. Happily, Saturn is standing guard near Pluto, in dignity, demanding fair play and the Queensbury rules.

This red triangle, called a T-Square, falling as it does in cardinal signs, is a further indication of impatience on all sides! The Sun in Libra in the Seventh House represents a weak government, beset with international troubles and difficulties with trade agreements. As it opposes the Moon, it would indicate that the government is just not prepared to listen to the needs of the people. Something HAS to give!

A Reverse Learning Triangle from the South Node/Saturn through Mars (upset workers – especially unions) to Uranus (revolution and protest, also aviation and innovation) suggests we try to look for a new perspective, think outside the box, then take action in a constructive way. It will take considerable focus, as the tone of the day is one of anxiety and fear.

This Full Moon sets the tone for the conjunction in January – like the landing gear on a plane lowering on final approach. It is up to all of us, in the next few months, to show each other compassion in these times of high tension and anxiety and to choose the peaceful solution whenever possible. Change is inevitable, but HOW we make that change, that depends on our choices. We have each other. Happy Thanksgiving!


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