Birth Time Discovery / Verification




PLEASE NOTE Mj has established an international reputation for honing and even discovering birth times, with clients as far away as Hawaii and Australia. This is a time consuming and tricky process and does not always bear fruit. If she cannot find your birth time to mutual satisfaction, you pay nothing beyond the initial fee (All details and the best working time will be returned to you.)  You provide a number of details about your life events, pictures of yourself when younger and other similar data.

You will receive a copy of the chart and a demonstration of how the chart time works with the events you have provided. A 4 minute difference in birth time changes  your chart to someone else’s, so it pays to get your chart rectified.

Please download the spreadsheet here below and fill it in with at least 10 events that you have dates and locations for (times if possible) and once complete email to  along with 2 or 3 clear head an shoulder pictures of you as a young person late teens late 20’s and one other. Thank you.

$50 per hour, 5 hour Maximum.