What do eclipses do to your birth chart? On March 8th  at 9:59 Atlantic time we will experience a total eclipse of the Sun at 18:55 degrees of Pisces.  Let’s take a look at what this eclipse is all about and how you can find out where and how it will impact your life for the next 6 months.

Have you heard of Eris ? If not, please allow me to make the introductions. Eris is one of three so-called dwarf planets which also includes Ceres and the mighty Pluto.  The mythology around Eris is one of chaos, revenge, feeling excluded or shunned and the dispensing of instant Karma. Basically she is the cosmic equivalent of lancing a boil

What has this to do with the March 8th Eclipse you may well ask? Well quite a bit as it turns out. I took a look at the discovery chart of Eris, which for your records is 5 January 2005 at 11:20 am at the Palomar Observatory in California USA.

This chart has a Sun at 15 degrees of Capricorn a Jupiter at 17 degrees of Libra, a rising sign of 13 Aries and the position of Eris herself is at 19 degrees of Aries.

When you apply these positions to the March 8th Eclipse chart, you see that Eris’s Sun is right on Pluto (chaotic transformation) Eris herself is exactly on top of present-day Uranus (unexpected retribution), and the AC of the discovery chart falls just inside the 6th house of the Eclipse chart, with opposing Jupiter in the 12th of the eclipse chart (environmental challenges and issues, things like weather and air and water borne diseases)

The big indicators in the 8 March 2016 eclipse speak to cleaning house stripping away false mythologies and facing uncomfortable truths. If we go back in history to the point where Eris was at 18 degrees of Pisces (our eclipse point) we are looking around 1888 and 1889. In that decade we see the largest recorded snow storm in history (March 1888) on the eastern seaboard of the United States. We also see an economic panic concerned with the stock market which destabilizes the financial landscape and leads in the long to depression. On a positive note, we see an exciting new sources of energy in the first practical application of electricity in the form of Christmas lights.

Whereas Astrology is a statistical science, we want to see indications confirmed in more than one way. Let’s check in with the fixed stars active in this configuration.
~ Denebola,at 21°38 Virgo can indicate mental illness, happiness turning to despair, diseases, natural disasters, catastrophes. This is on the North Node of the eclipse chart.
~ Sabik at 17°58 Sagittarius conjoins the eclipse Saturn and can indicate perverted morals, lack of care, and success in evil deeds.
~ Achernar at 15°19 Pisces is tucked into the conjunction of Ceres, Sun, Moon and Chiron and can indicate religious benefits, sudden successes and the possibility of increased access to another realm.

So the evidence of fixed stars also points to upsets, shocks, weather troubles and political instability… but Achernar hints that we may find a way to move our whole mindset up to a higher octave.

The placement of Eris at 18 degrees of Aries is exactly 30 degrees from the eclipse point at 18 Pisces and conjoining Uranus This indicates that it is reasonable to expect a year where we find out uncomfortable truths, especially about the economic situation, and where we suffer extremes of weather and in unusual places.

This eclipse sits on Canada’s (0:00 1 july 1867 Ottawa) south node so this will not be a great time for Canada – some outside influence will hold her back from achieving the far-reaching changes she is overdue to make.

So, what about you and me? What can we expect of the upcoming eclipse?  We all can expect to have to ‘get real’ where we have any planets or angles at 18-19 degrees. For example, if that degree is in your second house, you may need to get real about money. If it is in the seventh house, you might need to rewrite contracts or get honest about how much are are putting into your relationship, Wherever it is, expect to find yourself having to tear away illusion in some critical way – ‘uncloaking’ some hidden aspect of yourself, which, while initially terrifying, will subsequently allow you to be a more joyful you and let your life flow forward in a cleaner and more authentic way.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you were born in 1996 through 1998, your own Eris is within one degree range of this point, so you will notice the effects more than others.


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