Venus is now direct in the sky. She is not completely out of the woods though, as she starts her forward journey square Saturn ( also retrograde) and moving away from that planet of limitations and budgets, will conjoin the fixed star Sheat (unhappy surprises and accidents) at 29 Pisces before diving back into Aries, her least favourite place in the whole zodiac!

When Venus is in Aries, She can express in a self-centred, thoughtless and even violent way. We are likely to feel irritated without really understanding why. She finally reaches Taurus’s safe shores on 06 June.

Mercury will follow suit on the 4th of May. Once Mercury slows up, stops and begins to move forward again, he finds himself besieged by Eris on one side and by Uranus on the other. It is best to drag our feet a bit regarding major purchases. Get everything in writing and check, then check again!

By 09 June both Venus and Mercury are happily transiting their signs of rulership and that means better money flow and better communications for the rest of us.

Thanks to Mercury and Venus we are going to see things easing a bit, but that Old Devil Saturn makes us wait for a substantial improvement to money flow until he stations direct on 25 August at 21 Sagittarius. Anyone with angles and personal planets from 21 through 27 degrees of mutable signs is in for a rocky summer. We can use this time to discover and sharpen our inner discipline and self-reliance.


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