Dartmouth Astrologer Mj Patterson does not like to make predictions.  But when asked to analyse the astrological charts of the three mainstream party leaders, she said her data indicates the Tories will win the July 27 provincial election. However when Nova Scotians discover the “true impact” of the election, she warns there will be “angry words and backlash”. A student of astrology since 1980, Ms. Patterson is one of few people in Canada to pass and international exam in Chicago to qualify as a professional astrologer. She has a Masters in Education and once taught high school, but now teaches Astrology.

With the help of Montréal Astrologer M. Axel Harvey, Ms. Patterson was able to chart out the path of the election by matching the charts and personality progressions of NDP Leader Robert Chisholm, Tory Leader John Hamm and Liberal Leader Russell MacLellan against the chart of the province and the planet positions on election day. “I’m doing this by the seat of my pants,” said Ms. Patterson, a professional counselling astrologer and military computer technician. ” I had no other information to go by… but it’s an experiment, not gospel.

“I’m not into politics at all” she said ” My mother had to tell me who the leaders are.” There is no astrological chart on record for the founding of Nova Scotia, so Ms. Patterson chose the first proclamation of “responsible government” in the province, – 12:13:56 pm, Feb 2, 1848 in Halifax to determine its political birth. “This date marked the beginning of elections and elected officials. These people all want to be the legislative leader of this province, so I thought it was fitting.”

Ms. Patterson considered the place of birth, date of birth and approximate time of birth for all leaders except Mr. Chisholm. His exact time of birth was not known. Time of birth needs to be within four minutes of the actual time of birth to be totally accurate, Ms. Patterson said. The charts show some interesting details. A Virgo, Mr. Chisholm is a perfectionist, and his chart indicates he is’ a serious person who works hard and aims to please. The chart suggests Mr. Hamm, an Aries, “might come across as stand-offish, or cold, regardless of his true feelings,” Ms. Patterson said. “But he is warming up as he ages.”Mr. MacLellan, a Capricorn, is a man who “looks for the 30-year plan. He is not a five-second man,” she said of the premier. “He views things almost in geological time.” He is also very secure as a person. When it comes to the election odds, Mr. Chisholm “may be falling short of his goal,” Ms. Patterson said. “That’s not to say he will automatically lose the election. It could mean he may end up with a minority government instead of a majority.”

Things are looking up for Mr. Hamm, as the charts indicate “fame and luck.” “People may have strong positive feelings about him, and things are picking up for him in the election campaign,” she said. From the charts, there are several signs of “behind-the-scenes support” for Mr. Hamm’s agenda, which she said may not be the same as the platform the public sees.”It could be that the public is misunderstanding what he is saying,” Ms. Patterson said. “But there is an indication that his platform is not what Nova Scotians believe it to be.” The planets show that Mr. MacLellan may “bear the brunt of the  dissatisfaction Nova Scotians are feeling,” she said. There are no signs in his chart for success or failure, she pointed out. “I am not worried about him at all,” Ms. Patterson said. “His fair-weather friends may leave him … and he may suffer a bit of a setback, but his chart shows that his inner life is very rich. He will be fine.”


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