October Moon

October Moon

The October Full Moon is particularly powerful, because of its strong connection to the upcoming Pluto-Saturn Conjunction. In Halifax, the Ascendant is in the mix as well. Can you see the large blue triangle with a small blue triangle at the top? That is a kite – an...
The Skies of January

The Skies of January

The Skies of 2018 At this time of year, many astrologers are contacted by the press to give predictions for the year to come.  This is somewhat problematic, as the astrological new year actually commences at the Spring Equinox!  Truthfully, to read ahead in the skies...

Pollsters Predictions Proved Less Than Stellar

The Conservative majority victory showed that polls done during the 39-day campaign fell short of their neck-and-neck predictions, says an analyst. “Polls are just a snapshot, they’re not 100 per cent accurate,” political scientist Agar Adamson said...

Hamm sees a need to ‘be clearer’

This is Day 99 of John Hamm’s reign in Nova Scotia and already the Tory premier, who’s been called callous and mean-spirited, says he feels misunderstood. “We have to be clearer in terms of telling Nova Scotians what we’re doing and why...

Tory Win Written In The

Dartmouth Astrologer Mj Patterson does not like to make predictions.  But when asked to analyse the astrological charts of the three mainstream party leaders, she said her data indicates the Tories will win the July 27 provincial election. However when Nova Scotians...


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