September belongs to Virgo the Virgin. It is always worth looking up the origin of a word and it turns out that Virgin comes from the Roman word virgin (ver-geen) which means sheath. OK OK you can stop giggling now!  A Virgin was a woman who owned her own sheath. In Roman times, a woman had equivalent personal rights to a sofa or a pet dog. She either belonged to her father, or if married, to her husband. But if she was a Virgin – then she was her own Mistress. She got to decide if she wanted to have intimate relations and with whom she wanted to have them.

Back to Work

What has this to do with the skies of September?  Well if you know that the Virgin is a self-contained, proactive go-getter who does not let folks tell her who to be, then it makes sense that with all these personal planets in this part of the sky, this is an ideal time to get cracking on projects near and dear to your heart that may need a bit more elbow grease than they have been getting over the summer.

Harvest Time

On 23 August the Sun Enters Virgo, joining Mars and Venus who are already there at 2 and 3 degrees respectively. Mars is our drive and energy, Venus indicates where we are putting our priorities – what we value – and the Sun enters to bring attention and focus to these other two.

New Moon

On the 30th of August, the New Moon will involve Mars at 7 Virgo. If your own chart has planets at 5 to to 9 degrees of a mutable sign ( Virgo, Pisces, Gemini or Sagittarius ) this might be a bit of a sensitive time for you – your fuse may feel shorter than usual. The Uranus Trine may bring surprises and if you can keep a cool head, you may very well benefit by them, especially if you have planets in early Capricorn.

The Truth Can Hurt

On the second of September we have a Grand Cardinal Cross involving the Moon the North Node and the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Eris in Aries completes the square. Give yourself lots of elbow room, especially if you have planets near here, ( 21 Cardinal ) as it would be easy to do and say things that you can’t take back.

Happiness is A Tidy Home

On the 4th of September a near perfect Grand Sextile lights up the sky. Anyone with planets near 15 Taurus are likely to experience unlooked-for blessings.   The 6th of September sees the Moon pay a visit to Jupiter, the Santa Claus planet, indicating happy times and a sense of generosity in the area of your chart containing 15 Sagittarius.  Monday September the 9th is a great day to do cleaning sorting and organising, with the Moon conjunct Saturn/Pluto and the South Node of purging in Capricorn.

Let Go Of Old Resentments – Gently!

On the 13th, Lady Moon gets involved in a Grand Cross with Juno, Ceres, Hygeia, and the Black Moon Lilith. Expect old anger and resentments to surface. See if you can’t let some of it go. Better out than in I always say!  The Full Moon on the 14th at 21 Pisces and the Sun on Fixed Star Denebola (The Lion’s Tail) at 21 Virgo, offers a warning not to go around poking lions with sticks and since this lunation serves as a point to blow of stem from the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the urge to unload feelings and stresses on others can be overwhelming! The phrase “Is it True, is it kind, is it necessary?” may be a useful tool.

Smooth Sailing

On 15 September, both Mercury and Venus enter peacemaking Libra. The Moon is in Aries near Chiron – so this is a great time to read and study things that make you smile. An Aries Moon is brave, so why not try something new?  On 19 September a lovely trine in Earth offers the gifts of the Earth to all of us, but especially to those with planets close to 21 degrees of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. This is a great energy for gardening, cooking and spending time with family

A Burst of Creativity

The 21st of September brings a Grand Mutable Cross, involving The Sun, Moon Neptune and Jupiter. That energy feels like busting out all over – and all those squares can fee like irritation, so planning to do something constructive and creative will channel the energy in a positive way. 

A Fundamental Shift in Values

The Solar month ends on the 23rd of September with a t-square in the Cardinal signs, involving the Cancer/Capricorn axis and Mercury and Venus in Libra. All over the world, we are waking up to the realisation that our values and the way we deal with things have to undergo a fundamental shift. This is an auspicious time to have a rethink on the personal level and declutter our personal ethics.


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