AstroWeather – Spring 2018

The Aries Ingress  20 March 2018, 02:16pm

Also known as the Spring Equinox, the moment when the Sun comes to Zero degrees of Tropical Aries is the REAL New Year from an astrological viewpoint.  Everything for the year ahead unfolds from this point.  The Summer and Winter Solstices and the Fall Equinox do have something to say, but they say it in the context of this chart.

Aries  21 Mar -21 Apr

Aries darling – you are having a bit of a tough spring – if you have children, they can be of concern at this time and work is getting you down as well – you are feeling a bit hemmed in.  Look for things to improve toward the end of May and June

Taurus  21 Apr – 21 May

Emotional issues may raise their heads this spring – with familial drama, especially from siblings or similar, taking more of your attention than you would like.  This is a great season for enjoying time with your friends, in a pamper session or other escape. Why not take time for some self care, so you can be more present for others.

Gemini  21 May – 21 Jun

Happy Spring Gemini! You sure know how to make the best of every situation!       If you can slow down just a bit, you may find that this season offers you opportunities to use speaking or writing to reach inside yourself or even to connect with older generations, to put old ghosts to rest and to move forward to a brighter future.

Cancer  21 Jun – 21 Jul

Wow this year is looking pretty shiny for you Cancer!  Look for happy times with friends, more appreciation for the work you do, even a possible wage increase or promotion!  In partnership, be sure to balance your work time with time for your sweetie.  If single, you may fall for someone older, or of a conservative demeanour.

Leo  21 Jul – 21 Aug

Travel is in the cards for you this year,  probably related to work in some way.  It looks like your job should be a bit more fun now as well, There is some indication that a long held dream to do with career may come true this year. Enjoy it – you deserve it! If single, you may meet someone where you routinely go , like the gym.

Virgo  21 Aug – 21 Sep

Pay and collect is the theme this spring Virgo, you are looking to consolidate your affairs and up your earning power. Fun times have to be frugal times, but you are the best at making something from nothing, so you will find a way.  Dreams of travel beckon, but bills come first.  If single, you may connect through a neighbour, or at a social event.

Libra  21 Sep – 21 Oct 

Partnership is the focus Libra, even more than usual. There may also be obligations with older generations, either theirs, or yours.  Keep your finances straight – especially if they are shared – or you might get a surprise. Generally, this is a good time to spend time with friends and family and stay present – really appreciating all those who love you.

Scorpio  21 Oct – 21 Nov

Family, neighbours and communication are hot topics for you this spring Scorpio.  Check your contracts and make sure you understand all the sub clauses.  This is a great time to start a new routine, especially one designed to boost your health and happiness.  You might even meet someone while exercising, if you are looking for love.

Sagittarius  21 Nov – 21 Dec

Pay attention to your dreams Sagittarius, especially where creative ventures are concerned.  Taking an educated risk has more chance than usual to pay off in the next few months, it might even earn you an attaboy on the job!  Yes people do see you as a bit of a maverick but I guess it is maverick season!

Capricorn  21 Dec – 21 Jan

Focus on yourself this season please Capricorn – you are the classic stoic – but at least until July, you are advised to go against your grain and pamper yourself a bit.  Intergenerational issues may surface this spring, perhaps opportunities to spend time with kids or parents.  Hearth and home will have a lot to offer you.

Aquarius  21 Jan – 21 Feb

Have you ever thought of writing Aquarius?  This spring would be a great time to start with your old ruler and your modern ruler both sending strong signals that they will support you.  Money can be  a bit vague so just double check that you have all your credit cards.  Your home and hearth have extra importance this season.

Pisces  21 Feb – 21 Mar

Your creativity is at its peak this season Pisces, you are embarking on a whole new venture like the fabled pioneers! Travel or sales may be involved, whatever it is, it has a foreign twist to it. Finances are tight so keep a careful eye on the budget. Friends and neighbours are a source of comfort and help you with your larger than usual workload. You are finally creating like you always knew you could!


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