As you will remember, the last eclipse fell at 22 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. This is in the present Eclipse’s TENTH and FOURTH houses. This means the government vs the people are still very much the focus of the local energy.  You may remember I said that everything would be smooth as long as the government behaved in a “fair play” kind of way as the populace was scrutinizing their behavior and wanted to see “fair play” and the “good Maritime win-win” attitude. So, with this new legislation in place, there is a promise in that chart for a backlash of explosive proportions.

What does this chart say? Does it shed any light?  At first glance you could be forgiven for missing the connection: after all the eclipse is at 8 Pisces and the Uranus/Jupiter opposition is way over at 22 of the fixed signs.  BUT – the world is not flat like an astrology chart – it is in fact a sphere…. So in latitude ( aka DECLINATION ) there is quite a conversation going on between the SUN MOON NEPTUNE and MARS.  The Sun is the government, the Moon is the people and their emotional state, Neptune is the GREAT DECEIVER. So where does Mars fit in?  In mundane terms, Mars is aggression, violence, war and soldiers. Well here in the Maritimes we consider swear words and loud music a kind of violence, so I think the explosion will be somewhat tempered by our native horse sense.  Nevertheless the anger is going to be directed at the ELEVENTH HOUSE of elected parliaments, local government and legislation.   The people are tired of a government which does not behave the way they themselves would in the same situation.  It may be time for a change.

There are two other rather interesting declination pairs, that of Saturn and the Rising Degree (Ascendant) in contra parallel at -22°05 and +22°21 respectively, also  that of Pluto (COMPLETE DO OVER) and the Point of Fortune (LUCK) at -21°12 and +21°55 (OPPOSING/ CONTRAPARALLEL) respectively. Saturn will weaken the self image of the province – the people will be feeling embarrassed or disillusioned with the behaviour of their leaders, but in some way feeling impotent to make any positive changes at this time. This is like a pot on the boil with the lid on too tight and steam will start to build up! In terms of Pluto and the Point of Fortune, those bodies are also in a QUINCUNX (150°) aspect (AWKWARD CONVERSATION). This is a rough go for Nova Scotia in that power plays and power games (PLUTO) are likely losing us money and positive influence in the areas of multi-national trade (EIGHTH HOUSE) and behind the scenes decision-makers (TWELFTH HOUSE). All in all, this month is not the greatest in terms of both our money prospects and our international reputation.

In terms of the world, these outer aspects were reflected in the sky when we had the French Revolution and in terms of Uranus – it was last in Aries when Hitler came to power. As Canadians, we are luckier than most, with our strong adherence to peace order and good government.  Yet we are feeling at the moment that we have not got good government… so let us look forward to the Spring Equinox (The Astrological `New Year’) to see what changes might be coming to us in 2017. Can we influence things? Can we make a positive difference? Of COURSE we can!  — We show kindness and compassion one small act at a time and we hold our elected members to a proper standard.  And we take care of one another. There is a reason people are looking to Canada in these difficult times.


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